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Velouu™ FastRoot

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    EASY CLONING - Clone your plants fast and easily
  • HIGH SUCCESS RATE - "These results were shockingly better than I achieved via cuttings"

  • ☘️ KEEPS PARENT PLANT SAFE - No damage is done to the original plant

  • REUSABLE & DURABLE - High quality material makes it reusable and durable

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Frustrated of failing rooting attempts? 

Our reusable velouu™ FastRoot, trusted by many gardeners, provides a safe propagation environment for the plant and makes it easy for you to duplicate your plants and have them rooting in no time. 

🌱 Easy & Extremely fast rooting 

"These results were shockingly better than I achieved via cuttings"

By using a proven air-layering technique the velouu™ FastRoot helps you to create identical copies of parent plants quickly. Compared to other propagation methods it's a lot faster and produces stronger root development.

⭐ Almost 100% success rate 

Duplicating plants can be tedious and frustrating. The velouu™ FastRoot provides an end to this. We, as passionate gardeners and a lot of our customers, have had an almost 100% success rate in cloning our plants. 

If you won't be satisfied (which is very unlikely) we have a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

No damage to the original plant

By only using a small branch on the plant, there will be no damage done and no disturbance is created. It even promotes the growth of the parent plant! 

💎 Reusable & Durable

After receiving valuable feedback for our first version of the velouu™ FastRoot we focused on using even higher quality material, thus making it more durable, reusable, and extremely easy to use.

🌳 Plant a tree with every order

With every order you will plant 4 trees with our trusted partner.

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30 Day Money-Back 100% Guarantee

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People Usually Ask

1. What plants can be cloned?

We successfully cloned plants like: ornamental figs, dieffenbachia, croton and others of a herbaceous nature. Woody plants such as magnolia, holly, camelia, azalea and many of the fruit and nut bearing plants such as citrus, apple, pears and pecans also rooted without a problem. Roses, Forsythia, Honeysuckle, Boxwood, Wax myrtle are also very good candidates for velouu™ FastRoot.

There are very few plants that are not compatible. If we did not include your plant in the list above, just google if your plant supports "air layering propagation". If this is supported, velouu™ FastRoot will work.

2. When is the best time of the year to use the velouu™ FastRoot?

Spring or mid-summer works the best. If you are doing it in spring, you should choose shoots from the previous year’s growth. For mid-summer, select shoots from the current year.

Also, keep in mind that shoots on woody outdoor trees should only be about the size of a pencil in diameter up to 3/4 of an inch. Those on “softer” indoor plants can be much larger than that. 

3. How to get the best results?

We recommend to keep an eye on the rooting bundle. If it appears to be drying out, you should add a few drops of water. It can take a few weeks for roots to appear. They should be showing through the moss before you attempt to detach your cutting from its parent plant. To do so, cut its stem just beneath the roots with your knife or pruning shears and remove the plastic wrap or film. After that leave the moss in place and pot the new plant up.

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velouu™ FastRoot

8CM (6 Pack)12CM (6 Pack)5CM (6 Pack)